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Weekly Class Videos

I am very sorry. I updated my website subscription, and I should have had until the 18th August to transfer the video recordings to private facebook groups that you would be invited to join, but something went wrong and the changes went into immediate affect.

So what does this mean?

I am afraid that the website has removed the classes for the January 2021 and September 2020 terms.

I have over 130 lessons at minimum of 2 hours each to upload all over again, and each is taking approximately 1-3 hours, so I am afraid it is going to take time.

What I am doing to sort this out
  • I have uploaded all of the one off classes to private facebook groups.

If you have already enrolled and paid for a class and click on the section to view it, it will now take you to the new facebook group.

Please can you request to join and I can add you. - or it may have been included as part of the Cakers plan, so just let me know.

You can also still enroll and join these classes, as all the information is in the facebook groups.

  • I will start to create groups for the January 2021 term next

(April 2021 already had facebook groups) but the new facebook security doesn't make it easy to add people. so I will put a link on the existing class page on the website that you can click on which will take you to the new private facebook group and you will need to request to join. You will not be able to join a class you did not attend, I am treating these as private classes.

If there is a subject from a previous class you would like to do, please email me and request the subject and I can put it on my list to edit out all the audio and record new audio which makes the class completely private and new.

  • After the January 2021 term has been uploaded, I will do the same for the September 2020 term

Links for facebook groups

While this is being done, I will gradually remove those class pages from the website, and leave one page with the facebook private group links instead (to make it easier for you to find groups) - This will be updated with all weekly classes as they continue to be recorded.

Many apologies, I appreciate this is a nuisance. I was in quite a slump when I discovered this, but immediately got online and started uploading classes to facebook Private groups, but it is going to take time, and I had allowed over a month to do this, rest assured I will still upload them, so if there was a particular session you needed, let me know and I will make it a priority.


Thanks for your understanding


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