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Bake International Theatre

Cake International was as fabulous as always!! But that is a whole extra blog post

Today, let’s chat about the brand new Bake International. I had the fabulous opportunity to close the show in the Bake Internariona theatre and chose to demonstrate the tasty vegan chocolate biscuit illusion cake tree slice from my first book

Can you spot the adorable Cyril illustration I commissioned from artist emelizabeth-illustrations - find her on Instagram.

Thanks to the fabulous Vanilla Valley who had my book right by the till on their stand at Cake International.

you can still buy the book from their Website when you do your cakey shopping, or from the Dragons and Daffodils Cakes website

During my demonstration I showed the whole process of the cake

* lining the cake tin with Bacofoil

* Making the recipe for the chocolate biscuit cake

* how to temper chocolate

* how to make the chocolate bark

*Assembling the design

* Finish with cocoa powder and a Christmassy swirl

I also chatted about the white chocolate version I created by substituting ingredients and I used white chocolate and cranberries - delicious!

In the book I also used the recipe to make individual chocolate biscuit puddings and topped with adorable little Mervyn the mole - full instructions for those in the book.

Chocolate biscuit cake is such a wonderful recipe. It can be used in the simple way I did at the show, for individuals or even to tier a cake, yes really!!

I made this two tier cake with the Sugar Press Meadow set created just for the book to create the cow parsley and grass side design. the cupcakes around the base were stencilled using the stencils I designed for Vanilla Valley

but wait!…….

Yes you guessed it, I used the chocolate biscuit cake as a separator - can you see it sitting underneath the two tier cake?

Originally, that’s all it was going to do, but it looked so pretty I just had to display it on its own.

would you like the recipe?

At the show I promised I would share the recipe for the cake, so here is a snip from the book for the chocolate biscuit cake and how to temper.

the full instructions for the whole design and inside the 128 pages with over 700!colour photographs

a perfect Christmas present don’t you agree?

Head on over to the shop page to buy.

And now for the big news!

Finally, so many people have contacted me over the last two years to ask about book two which was to be released at the end of 2020, but….. well, lots of things changed that year.

I am happy to share that book two will be released in June at the Caledonian show in Kilmarnock in Scotland and will then be available at Cake International in the November. Last time you could pre-order and received a limited edition with little details added in and so many of you said that was your favourite thing, so I will do that again. More on that after Christmas.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page, every Thursday at 6pm will be Cyril time will posts about the book. I have started by sharing the story of how the book came to be, tune in each week to follow me on my journey.

Happy Caking


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