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Spring Weekly Classes * Spaces Update *

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Read below to find out how many spaces are left. Enrolment closes the day before the first class of that session.

What do you think?

Great subjects eh?

My Monday Evening, Tuesday morning and Tuesday evening classes are bring your own and the lists are already on the class pages on the website on these links.

The All Inclusive classes are............all inclusive (the only thing to purchase is snowdrop cutters), everything else will be available for you to use when you attend and you will take home what you make. Here is the link to the All Inclusive classes link

Monday Evening

Will be making flowers. I like to make the stem as a growing stem where possible, and I received these fabulous requests to make this term, so that will be an exciting challenge.

However much you make is up to you. It could be one flower, one stem of umbrella plant leaves and one stem of Bells of Ireland, but that still gives you a great subject to keep in your collection to refer to.

I will be working on Cold porcelain but you can choose whether to create in cold porcelain or flower paste.

Tuesday Morning - 2 spaces available

We will be making a fantasy figure in the "fortnightly" class this term, I included a pic I found on the internet to show you roughly, but you can then do your own research or design to choose your own subject.

The class is for intermediate students - those that have created a figure before. I will make my figure by hand, but if you would prefer to use a mould for the head, then I can show you how to adapt that to personalise it.

We will be using a hand made armature which we will make in the first week as well as starting to create our figure. There will be homework to do in this class if you would like to make a more detailed figure or you can keep it simple and create only what you make in the fortnightly class

Tuesday Evening - 2 spaces available

As always, a fab mix subject class suitable for all levels with hopefully a little for everyone.

We will make both flowers and figures, including using rice cereal treats as the body of the hedgehog. We will be stencilling on cookies using a method I included in my book and just in time for the Easter break, we will be making tasty chocolate treats to learn how to temper chocolate using both moulds and making our own chocolate bars.

Wednedesday Evening

This is my all inclusive class suitable for all levels. The only thing you will need to bring with you is snowdrop cutters. I will add details to the website before that class starts.

Batch 1 - 2 spaces available

of classes is cookies and I will be showing you different methods of decorating them with royal icing as well as using sugarpaste and royal icing combined.

Batch 2 - Fully Booked

of classes will be a spring cake including sugar flower snowdrops, ganaching, sharp edges and piped decoration.

All other ingredients and equipment will be available for you in class and you will take home what you make.

A bit more info

As always, places are kept small for the classes since the pandemic.

For Monday and Tuesday evening you can choose to attend either online or in person as I teach hybrid-style with the online attendees tuning in on Zoom and that will then be cast to a screen behind me so that those in person can stay in their seat if they wish.

The recordings for all of the classes will be stored in private facebook groups - one per group - which you will be able to watch as often as you wish.

When you have booked your place on the class, you will be able to request to join the Facebook group. These will go online on the 11/1/23 and I include images of flower cutters and veiners and suitable alternatives to help you choose your equipment.

New to my classes?

At the bottom of the class pages is a link to my YouTube video showing you about tools etc which might be useful for you.

How to Book?

You can book on the website on this link

(I have typed it in full in case of problems, but you can always find the Weekly Classes page in the menu)

As I mentioned, spaces are limited.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask. However, It is just me answering, so please bear with me. I will answer as soon as I can.

Looking forward to the term and I will see some of you next week :)


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