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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Time to sit, think and plan.

I don't think this year is going to be very different to last, so I am going to schedule online LIVE classes instead of waiting.

I have a few postponed classes to re-schedule and was waiting until they could be done in person, but sadly it seems not for quite a while.

Upcoming classes

Sculpted Cake Classes

Learn how to convert a photograph of an animal into an edible centrepiece. Right from sculpting, adding ganache, sugarpaste, texture and colour.

* Sitting Baby Chimp - Sculpted cake class using Rice Cereal Treats

* Pabu the Panda - Sculpted Cake Class using Cake

* Lying down giraffe - Sculpted Cake Class using cake for the body and a simple armature for the neck.

Modelling Classes

* Mr Morris - Intermediate level Modelled figure class using Saracino modelling paste. He is the modelled figure in my book, so if you have the book, you will already have reference pictures for the class to refer to. (The book is available in the website shop)

Chocolate Work Class

* Learn how to make your own Easter Egg and a selection of individual chocolate pots. Learn how to temper chocolate, work with moulds and work with chocolate transfer sheets.

About the Classes

* All classes will be 9-6pm with an hour for lunch and mid morning and mid afternoon breaks.

* You can even choose to watch rather than cake along, and you will have lifelong access to them as I will host them on the website after the class. You will also have FB lifetime access

* They will be held in private Facebook groups, with full ingredient and equipment lists given, but as that cannot be included in the cost of the course, they will now be reduced to £50 for a full day 9-6pm of live tuition. Previously all inclusive claaaes at the school were £100-120. I will work with slightly smaller pieces to also keep the cost of the ingredients down for you too.

* Templates and reference images will be added to the group before the classes and I will answer any questions you have in that group when you create your piece, whether straight away, or later in the year.

Existing Students

Those of you that previously booked onto the classes will have the option of transferring any payments you have made to any of the classes.

Please get in touch with me via email to organise this.

The dates will go live on the website this week for you to book before they are made available on social media.

As always I wanted to tell you all first. Any questions, just get in touch via the website, email or my facebook business page.

Let's get this year started and get caking.


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