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January Term Weekly Classes 2021

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Here are a few Christmassy Models for you from tutorials past.

and a little heads up that I will be going live on my facebook business page on Tuesday the 22nd December at 7pm to make the little rudolph model.

The Santa was created in the Wednesday morning group, and the little Niffler is already a tutorial on the site

Many Apologies

First off, an apology. It has been a really hard year for everyone, and I confess to being very behind with my workload, so I am making an apology to you all and will be bringing out extra tutorials next year to make up for the missing ones. I WILL get this owl tutorial finished and then the next tutorial will be a sculpted west highland terrier, both of which I am going to work on over the break.

January Term Weekly Classes 2021

* Please click refresh on the website as the weekly class pages have been updated

Who else can believe we are nearly at 2021! Such a long year that seemed to both drag and fly at the same time. This means we are behind with choosing our subjects for some of the classes. As always, students already enrolled are welcome to give me their wish lists for the next term.

Can you pop your wish list in the comments at the bottom, and let me know which class you would like to attend. Or you can message me privately if you prefer, but it would be great if you could let me know if you are joining us in January and for which day/time.


The buttons to pay in full are on the class, new students can you do this to enrol.

if you are a returner and you want to pay a deposit, please can you use the paypal button at the top of the page to pay a £20 deposit and email or message me to say you have done it and I will log the payment and add it to the website. (you will need to enrol on the website for me to add it to your account)

The class will be £80 for 8 weeks starting back the week commencing 11th January, with Welsh half term off (not included in the 8 weeks). ending on the 8th March.

Caker Subscribers - remember to use your discount voucher.

Monday am 10-12

A fabulous class with a great mix of subjects (expect some homework with this one). Flower work: Bird of paradise, Anthurium, Gladioli, Lisianthus (edited replay from a previous session for the Lisianthus), (4 weeks) Cute Bride and Groom models (2 weeks) Peacock Cake (2 weeks) - cannot wait to see. (Page online with equipment list for you)

Monday Evening 7-9pm

Flowers using air drying clay and working on flower arranging. So we will make Hibiscus, Chinese Jasmine flowers, buds and leaves and Eucalyptus leaves and will spend the last three weeks of the term assembling the flowers and leaves into sprays and arrangements, then taking them apart and creating a new shape the following week. (That is why we are using air drying clay, but you are also very welcome to use sugar as long as you are aware that flowers can get damaged doing this). (Page online with equipment list for you)

Tuesday Morning 10-12

I adored our Telephone with flowers and bird, so you will need to have a think what you would like to make next.

As soon as I have a subject I will pop the page up.

Tuesday Evening 7-9pm

2 weeks royal iced cookies

2 weeks on open rose with stamen centre

1 week on foliage

1 week on sharp edged covering and adding flowers

2 weeks on gelatine art individual desserts (page online with equipment list for you)

Wednesday Morning 10-12

We are splitting the term in two halves. First half will be making air drying clay flowers - we are kind of in love with how long we can keep them for without damage, but the techniques are always possible in sugar, so you are welcome to join us using either air drying clay or sugar florist paste - I love Squires Kitchen variety. We will be making Snowdrops, pansy, lavender and tulip for 5 weeks, then spending the next three weeks on cute little animal cake toppers. (Page online with equipment list for you)

Wednesday Evening 6-8pm

I am not sure if this class will be running yet, due to work commitments etc of the students in the group, so let me know if you ladies can attend or not, if not, I will not run this class until things are a little more normal, and you are always welcome to join any of my other classes. So if you want to swap sessions, just comment below with the other day/time that you would like to be in.

So there you go, lots of scope.

I want everything to be organised by Wednesday the 23rd as I have new students wishing to join and want to have all the ingredients and equipment lists ready for you. We are not back until week commencing 11th January which means we will have time to get whatever we need, and don't forget, you don't need everything for the first day except for a standard kit including modelling tools (such as PME tools), flower pad and board for flower classes, I will always give you alternatives for your cutters and veiners in case there are cutters you already may have that could be used.

Subject Ideas

Don't worry, you don't have to design the whole class, you just have to pick subjects you would like to work on.


* modelled figures

* sharp edges cake covering

* sculpting cakes

* sugar flowers (or air drying clay) and let me know if there is a favourite you would like to learn

What is next?

I will design the class and pop the full ingredients and equipment list on a brand new class page.

(Those enrolled on the September term will still have access to their original pages so don't forget your password and bookmark the page, although I have pushed the weekly class menu for September lower down the page but it will stay on the same page for you to find).

There will be a new page address and new password for the term. So make sure you bookmark the page and save the new password for the page so that you can get in.

The class will still be taught in zoom so that you can show me your work and I can give you a hand and input. The zoom invitation link will also be on the new class page

If you are having trouble supporting your phone or ipad to make this easy, have a look at the amazon store front and you will find a Lamicall phone stand (also available for tablets) which has a bendy stem so you can show your face or your work

That is a lot of info, so well done for reading to the bottom. Any queries, just ask away.

Now it just remains for me to say I hope you can have a wonderful if somewhat different Christmas whether over social media, facetime or zoom (that is how we are doing it) and that your doorstop gift drop offs go safely

Stay safe all


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1 Comment

Dec 18, 2020

I love the polar bear!!! All the rest are excellent too but I love the face on the polar bear.

I’ll be back on Monday morning and hopefully Tuesday evening.

I’ll get my thinking cap on for things to make. xXx

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