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Happy again

I hope you have had a lovely week

It has been a bit rainy here in Wales, but the sun still managed to peek its head out between the clouds.

Before we talk about this weeks 45 minute tutorial, I wanted to let you know that I will be going live on the Dragons and Daffodils Facebook page at 7pm on Tuesday, so pop over and say hello.

This January, Monday morning had a very full and varied term, and for a couple of those weeks we made this beautiful peacock cake.

Although we used cake dummies in class, which was a perfect opportunity to practise our sharp edges, we spent most of that time on the elegant peacock.

Interested in covering cakes?

I already have YouTube tutorials for:

  • making buttercream

  • making ganache

  • ganaching a cake

  • sugarpasting a cake with sharp edges

so head on over to see those.........................after you have watched the new tutorial of course.

I know I know, you have seen cakes with peacocks before

but we wanted to add the colours to the petal techniques that we saw on images of real peacocks, as well as adding detail to the head and covering techniques such as adding texture both to the body and the petal feathers. So we made this popular style of cakes our way.

Here is the link, and as always, please ask away if you have any questions.

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