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The schoolroom

i have been working hard to make the schoolroom feel nice and safe for you all.

Here I am testing out a six student layout which may come into effect if the welsh government changes the 2 metre social distancing, but if they Don’t, there will only be four students, but I am prepped ready.

if you peek, you can just about see the screens. I installed suspended screens last year, and added two more today.

I have also installed an extra safe area with a screen between the two students and another along the edge of the table right by the double windows. (I am waiting for a replacement bar at the base of this screen in between the two students, but you can see the top bar)

Ease of access

This also gives a walkway round to the other side and the new “shop” cupboard which means I can pop around the room with my mask on to check on you all.

classes that are being recorded will also be sent to a new large tv behind me so that I can show a close up of my workspace.

what else is there ?

  • risk assessment on display

  • QR code to check in

  • forehead thermometer

  • covid declaration when you book a class

  • sanitiser on tables

  • hand soap dispenser and hand sink

  • hand paper and tissue dispenser

  • masks/visors in the classroom as long as the welsh government advises them.

  • the building is set up as per welsh government Covid advice too.

when life returns to normal and we are allowed 8 students again, I will be changing to two blocks of two so that there is more room to move around the classroom......but not yet.

also, my dehydrator, magnifying lamp and gate lights probably won’t be there for most classes, but I am still home alone there for now, so you get a sneak peek at my filming work area.

what do you think?

let me know if you think of anything else or even if you would like to sat that the new set you will help you feel safe in class

happy caking


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