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Weekly Classes update

We have such a lovely range of weekly class this September.

The students that were enrolled on the previous term give their wish list for the subjects for the next term and first refusal on a place.

It means that everyone gets a say, which I love, it also means we have such a varied and diverse range of subjects and I never know what they are going to ask for.

All sessions are suitable for any level as I help you achieve your best through the term. You will find more experienced sat right next to complete beginners to sugarcraft, and I truly believe we all benefit from that. The beginners benefit from the other students in the class just as much as the more experienced learn from the beginners. Trust me! There is always something new in sugarcraft, and no matter how long you have been learning, you never stop.

So let's see what we will be learning.

Monday morning

have a lovely mixed subject term

  1. wafer paper peony

  2. hand made flowers using artista soft Hearty soft deluxe air drying modelling clay, including sweet peas

  3. And a dragon! You heard me! A modelled dragon in a rice cereal treat cave. How amazing does that sound

Monday evening

will be making a flower fairy with beautiful flowers too including snowdrop, bluebell, lisianthus, forget me not, pansy and dandelion. I can't wait to see that

Tuesday morning

were inspired by my old fashioned telephone cake and will make a new version of that complete with flowers and a little bird perched on the handle.

Tuesday Evening

Another mixed session, but wonderful varied content - 1. Piped buttercream floral cupcakes, 2. figure in a boat cake topper - great for cakes for men, 3. hand made flowers including peony, blossoms and eucalyptus, 4. Sculpted toadstool cake and accompanying cheshire cat cake.

Wednesday morning